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Triple customization

Make your appointment balls unique petanque and easily identifiable with the personalization service balls used by ODDEKA. Des balls competition to balls of leisure, customization makes your balls unique petanque.

On the one hand, one ball personalized petanque is a good way to distinguish yourself on the grounds. On the other hand, the engraving also makes it possible to act as a gift for pleasure to a pig's fondu.

In addition, one ball custom petanque can also be a good means of communication. That's the title professional or for one particular, one ball personalized petanque is good way to be original.

With 3 types of engraving at Pétanque web, the possibilities of customization are varied for even more aesthetics. You can customize your balls with your name, one date or initials. In any case, your triplet will not go unnoticed.

At ODDEKA, customization balls of petanque is fast, neat and quality. Then, you don’t have to buy your triplettes on the online store, to enjoy customization.

Personnalisation triplette d'occasion

Customize your used petanque balls

Price €39.00
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Customize your used petanque balls... (Competition boxes or leisure balls)

You already own balls of petanque and you want to customize them but it seems to you "complished" because of course they are at you.... so How?

Nothing simpler...at Pétanque Web, we take care of everything in three stages

  • 1 - Send your balls to us (We email you the alloy label to paste on your shipping carton)
  • 2 - At reception we crawl them.
  • 3 - We send them to you in 24 hours :)
  • 37 € all included. Go, customize and return:)

Whether they're new or have several years...

Bowl: ObutODDEKA, Boulenciel, MS Pétanque, La Boule Bleue, Futura, Décatlon, KTK, Intersport.

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