Who's the telescopic measuring machine for petanque?

This petanque accessory can very well be used as a meter during your matches between family or friends. It can also be used in competitions to settle disputes at the point assignment level. With regard to the person to whom the measurer is particularly concerned, it is the arbitrator. In short, as soon as there is a need to measure, whether it is an official match or a leisure game, the telescopic measuring machine is perfectly suitable.

Why buy this steel meter?

This accessory is essential during petanque matches. Indeed, in each game, there is always a need to measure to avoid making errors that can affect the final result. This is an extremely precise measurer, which can include measurements within a millimeter. This telescopic measurer is the solution for resolving disputes at the point allocation level. To use it, simply place the meter end on the goal and expand it to the ball to see the distance between them. This is another argument to ensure the ease of use of this article. In minimum size, the meter is only 13 cm, so it is very easy to carry it because it is not at all bulky. In fact, it will be the accessory that will take the least room in your equipment.

The steel telescopic measuring machine is available at a price of 8 €.

What are the characteristics of this petanque accessory?

  • Material: steel
  • Finishing color: metallic gray
  • Minimum length: 13 cm
  • Maximum length: 72 cm

Our advice for the maintenance of the telescopic measuring machine

Like any other steel accessory or apparatus, the only constraint that can occur against this telescopic measuring device is oxidation. In order not that rust affects the durability of the product, a fairly sustained interview is required. Make sure to wipe the meter with a dry cloth or chamoisine after each game. At the storage level, never put the measuring device in a wet place or too exposed to light.

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