Buts cochonnets personnalisés en buis
    Buts cochonnets personnalisés en buis

Who are these petanque accessories?

Personalized pignets in buoys or painted buoys from Pétanque web address both particulars to organizations. In the second case, it would be the ideal advertising object to offer its customers as part of a marketing campaign, but also to its employees during a business event.

Why do you buy custom pigs?

Just like with petanque balls, investing in custom pigs makes it feel unique. This self-esteem can be beneficial in its progress to the petanque. In the social environment, motivations are somewhat different. The personalized goal can be designed as part of a marketing strategy, the story of conveying a message or redoring the image of a sign. However, this approach is also valid in everyday life. Offering a pig with a smile can, for example, raise morale to a sick person.

The custom goals of Pétanque web are made with good quality. They are solids, light and enjoy significant life. Awarded in competition by the FIPJP, these caps take advantage of a discount price depending on the quantity purchased.

What are its characteristics?

Colours: choice

Material: wood

Diameter: 30 mm

What are the customization options?

The custom goal admits a text at the centre or text at the top, one text at the bottom and one logo in the centre. As such, Pétanque web offers predefined images on its site. If these models do not suit you, know that you are free to load a logo of your choice. For an optimal rendering, it is recommended to send a photo in black and white.

Volume discounts

Quantity Unit discount You Save
5 €0.40 Up to €2.00
10 €1.00 Up to €10.00
25 €1.30 Up to €32.50
50 €1.50 Up to €75.00
100 €1.70 Up to €170.00
200 €2.40 Up to €480.00

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 3.


  • Burn your goal
Your logo from 50 goals

The pictures are not taken into account.
Your logo must be dark and white.

A minimum of 50 goals to order with a custom logo.


Total :

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