To which the black removable sleeve jacket is destined Oddeka ?

There is no better time to acquire new petanque accessories. What if this time you're moving to the sports outfits? Like all sports, clothing has its role to play at the petanque. Anyway, whoever you are, this removable sleeve jacket Oddeka welcome to your wardrobe. Adapted players and non-players too, it is an exceptional piece that can be worn by a man or a woman.

Why must it acquire the black removable sleeve jacket from home Oddeka ?

You want a new life in your wardrobe? Don't miss the last news Uhlsport and Oddeka. Among the collection, you have this removable sleeve jacket that features a very nice look. Although in the air of time, this jacket is at all ages. His cut is very trendy, and has the ability to rejuvenate the one who wears it. It will go perfectly to your outfit, regardless of the dress style that makes you comfortable. One thing is certain is that this room will offer a true value added to your ability.

Another point to emphasize is that it is a sport garment suitable for all seasons. If this one wears the long sleeves in winter, you can opt for the sleeveless in summer. Of course, it does not omet in any way comfort and the robustness of the manufacturing material. For yes, since a part of petanque may last hours, Oddeka and Uhlsport took this parameter into account in its design. So you can count on this removable sleeve jacket for accompany you in the most important petanque competitions you will participate.

What are its characteristics?

Colour: black

2 zipped pockets

2 Removable sleeves

Registration Uhlsport printed on the chest

Refund on the front area

Smartbreathe fit

How to maintain its removable sleeve jacket?

You want to clean your removable sleeve jacket? It's pretty easy. So this garment admits two types of washing: hand wash and machine wash. In order to maintain the quality of the material, however, it is recommended to not too scrubber especially if you choose the first solution. In the second case, average temperature between 30 and 40 degrees would be perfect for cleaning its removable sleeve jacket. Then serve yourself soft products, which are not likely to alter clothing. Once this one is well assaini, prefer it air drying.


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