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To whom the backpack is destined Oddeka ?

Oddeka being a trademark ball of recent petanque, backpack Oddeka is then a first order choice if you love petanque. That you are a woman, a man or even a teenager, it is an accessory that fits perfectly all kinds of uses. You can insert your balls or simply use it on a daily basis.

Why choose this accessory Oddeka ?

In the design of this black backpack, Oddeka collaborated with UHL Sport that is no other thanreference equipment manufacturer in France. Indeed, it is a question of long-standing partner of the FFPJP. By buying the bag produced by it, you ensure a product so reliable only practice. Then there's also the aesthetic side of the bag, typical of the products of the german textile giant.

This is black immaculate with the small logo ODK above may seem classic at first sight. That said, looking closely, it is a masterpiece that is as chic as robust. More importantly, he can agree with your outfit, whatever the color of it.

Dimension side, bag ODK is large enough to contain balls, pignets, and other accessories. The material with which it is made is known for its easy maintenance. Just like for clothes, the Polyester bag is as light as breathable. If you read it, it does not ask not much time to dry it.

What are its characteristics?

Colour: black

Material: 100% Polyester

Dimensions: 43,5 x 30 x 12,5 cm

Large main compartment

Separate slide pocket

Side net pocket

Adjustable mattresses


How to maintain this type of accessory?

The black color of the backpack Oddeka does not fade as you use it. You will not need to wash it at any end of the field as is the case for a white petanque bag. However, if you use it intensively, it is still recommended to wash it, for reasons of hygiene and well-being especially. To do this, no need to put it in a washing machine. Hand wash is enough.

Take your polyester backpack and think about delicately rub at the level of entached or dirty areas. If no task seems apparent to you, you can gently clean the entire surface using a shampoo, one liquid dishes, and why not one soap of Marseille. If you realize that the accessory is really dirty, the idea will beadd a little alcohol to 70° or white vinegar, while astimicking. After that, you only have to rinse with clear water.

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