Whose accessories are destined for?

The 25 goals in wood are offered to all petanque players. This assortment of accessories can actually accompany, both a casual player and an expert in his training at the petanque. Although these pigs are approved for the competition, you can use them without any problems during a part of recreational petanque.

Why do you offer goals in natural buis?

All products offered on the website Pétanque web are subject to rigorous selection. This set of 25 goals in natural buis is no exception. With a diameter of 30 mm, each pignet is reliable. All meet the competitive admission conditions set out by the FIPJP.

In addition, the buis is a well-known wood in the sculpting of chess play pieces as well as in the making of wooden pignet. The advantage of this material is that it is heavier than other wood species. This particularity gives it a stability during a part of petanque. As a result, the buis goal displays a Good reaction even when percuted by a ball of petanque.

What are its characteristics?


Finish: varnish


Diameter:30 mm

These 25 goals in natural buis are available at a price of 25 euros on web petanque.

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