Whose accessory is the petanque precision compass?

This petanque material is reserved forArbitrators to the petanque. In fact, the precision compass makes it possible to accurately measure the distance between the petanque ball and the goal.

What are the advantages of this dash meter?

On the one hand, it is necessary to know that it is forbidden for players to measure ball deviations with feet. Therefore, petanque players must be equipped with appropriate measuring equipment to the petanque. The precision compas is thepetanque accessory ideal to avoid disputes between players.

On the other hand, using the precision compas, you have the possibility of careful measurement of a restricted area without necessarily removing the embarrassing balls.

What are its characteristics?

Material:polished steel

Maximum length:175 mm

Regaling molette

Our tips to clean your steel precision compass

Like any sports equipment, precision compas can be subjected to dirt. In order to correct this and to keep the precision quality and longevity of the precision compass, it is sufficient to clean it after each use.

To maintain your precision compass, just oil and scrub carefully with a cloth. Once the cleaning is done, wipe the compass with a dry cloth to avoid leaving traces


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