Rounded bag MS Pétanque
Rounded bag MS Pétanque
    Rounded bag MS Pétanque
    Rounded bag MS Pétanque

To which the bag is destined rounded leather MS Pétanque?

In the design of this product, MS Pétanque thought of all the followers of the petanque. You are a regular player or a Sunday boulist, a man or a woman, this accessory is made for you. So you can take your triplet to your club as well as during your training, without fearing that the bag that serves it as a storage bag will not faiblish because of too much load.

Why afford this accessory?

You have 42 euros available and you want to buy a proper petanque material? After the petanque balls and the lot of custom goals, take a petanque bag. Take the one rounded leather MS Pétanque. She's four to five times more resistant than a petanque bag in classic canvas.

This MS storage is not like all other models. It has a rounded shape, which changes the small vertical bags that are usually observed. The leather used in its manufacture is Real leather, of premium quality, which makes it waterproof and especially very solid. Of course, if you don’t like brown, it is also presented on the market with grey color. You will be able to carry it by hand or shoulder, at your convenience.

What are its characteristics?

Material: genuine leather

Hand or shoulder belt

This petanque bag in rounded leather MS Pétanque allows carry three balls of petanque.

Our tips to maintain his leather bag MS Pétanque

Made of real leather, the rounded bag from MS is sensitive to the UV rays of the sun. It is thus necessary to keep it safe from these. In addition, to remove tasks, it is preferable to rub with wet chamoisin, rather than submerge it with water. Know, moreover, that there are specific maintenance products for this material.

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Rounded bag ms

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