To whom are destined Oddeka?

To be at the top of your shape during a part of petanque, nothing like the top of your head Oddeka. Of course, the petanque is both a sporting activity and relaxation. However, a suitable outfit can only optimize your game.

It is in this perspective that the brand OddekaIn collaboration with UHL Sport, we offer you this underwear. by team or individual, this garment stock suitable for all posts game for the petanque. Whether you’re a shooter, pointer or middle, the underwear will adapt perfectly to your movements.

Why afford the underwear Oddeka?

As a reminder, there are regulatory outfits at the petanque. This in order to easily distinguish between players and teams. Moreover, clubs often opt for a homogeneous color, with the aim of easily distinguishing players.

With this underwear Oddeka, you have the guarantee to play with comfort and ease. Indeed, it is a question of quality and padding pants. That is to say, this accessory offers game comfort to maximize your performance at the petanque.

On the one hand, the underwear Oddeka has two zipped side pockets. In this way, you can easily put in the pockets a rag or any other accessory facilitating your game. One practical side, which adds design to the bottom of the top Oddeka.

On the other hand, the bottom of the shrub Oddeka is adjustable thanks to an elastic cordfor a good outfit. Then, with one narrow cut, the underwear Oddeka adjusts perfectly to your morphology. And always for maximum comfort, the underwear Oddeka possesses tight folds on legs. Folds help ensure that the underwear Oddeka remains well in place.

In addition to being an outfit adapted for the petanque in competition, the top-notch Oddeka can also be worn daily. This garment is available on the online shop at a price of 39 euros.

What are the characteristics of this lower garment?

Material: recycled polyester, in an environmental protection approach


narrow cut

Zippered side pockets

Plis tight on legs

Our tips to maintain your accessory

Generally, dry cleaning of polyester clothing is recommended. However, it is also possible to wash them by machine or hand. So, to keep the color and quality of your overwear stock Oddeka, it is advisable to clean it gently. Of course, handwashing is better. Then, in order to avoid that this accessory stretches or stretches quickly, do not twist the underwear Oddeka. If you extend well the underwear Oddeka, you can even avoid ironing.


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